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Chanel Hat

February 6, 2015
I couldn’t resist Not Trying this new Chanel Hat !! Hats are the statement piece of the season ,,,, Remaking this Bold look is simple, find the perfect Hat :) keep it all bold black. incorporate a color into the mix is essential by using only a single ... Read More



Why I love Cross Bags…

December 12, 2014
Hello lovelies, I am sorry I have been off for a while, but I was so busy with a new project that I am preparing for... “Must have Chanel cross body black bag for formal and casual occasions it would ... Read More



A Furry Season!

December 1, 2014
Outerwear is one of the most important statement pieces in any wardrobe. But which trends will drive sales this season?   Through its visually distinctive properties and timeless appeal, fur is making a huge comeback in designer collections for Fall/Winter 2014-15.... Read More


A pop of color isn't just great for your closet, it's a smart strategy for your plate too!!!! Women who ate more carrots, spinach, pepper , and garlic have found to reduce their cancer risk by more than 20 percent. Salmon and ... Read More


A friend of mine called me two days ago taking my opinion whether she does keratin treatment for her hair or not. She lives abroad, in a remote area and  she is a working mother , so she doesn't have much time to go to a salon and have her ... Read More


When will I meet the one? We hear that question so often. All girls would like to know how and where they can find their soolmate.... WELL STOP! Did you ever hear the Buddhist proverbial quote “When the student is ready the master ... Read More


Taking dedicated “me” time when you have a family, work, home to maintain may seem like a selfish act! But guilt may be our greatest inhibitor to creating a more balanced, calm and happy existence for ourselves. Becoming a better individual that ... Read More



Everyday is Red….

October 20, 2014
   Life is too short so put on your red Chanel (a Samoa lipstick will also do the job ;)) and start your day with a touch of glamor and power. Make red not only your date for clubs and weddings, but also your best friend for lunches, brunches and ... Read More



The power of MONDAY…

October 13, 2014
A Monday resolution....     So who of us hasn't heard these famous lines "I will start my diet on Monday" or " I will sleep with my makeup on today and i will start taking care of my skin just after the weekend".... Read More


We’ve all went window shopping where we check the storefront windows without the intent of buying, but then we find ourselves in the store. The experts behind these windows use lights, colors, and pick the right items to lure the customers in after conducting very delicate researches , while some ... Read More