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Spring is finally here & I'm in desperate need for some hair inspiration.After flicking though the catwalk looks of Paris Fashion Week, here are some trends for this Spring/Summer Season: Boho waves Let your natural waves shine through by brud hair and leaving to dry naturally. Long tails A simple slicked ponytail is a ... Read More



Hats are back

February 22, 2015
Hats are back & have made their way into everyone’s casual style. With many celebrities favoring fedoras or wide brim, Hat isdefinitely the “it” accessory of the Spring/Summer season. I’m so excited for its return, but why did it disappear for so long?... Read More


Color Blocking has been in for a few seasons now & I like to play with this trend a little in front of the camera I wore this gorgeous Black and white patchwork dress  that is soVersatile as you could wear it as a coat if you layer it over a ... Read More