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We’ve all went window shopping where we check the storefront windows without the intent of buying, but then we find ourselves in the store. The experts behind these windows use lights, colors, and pick the right items to lure the customers in after conducting very delicate researches , while some ... Read More


Since all fragrance brands are going for a private and exclusive collection especially after the great success of the Tom Ford collection, as a woman I‘m having difficulties in choosing the right perfume for me between them all. Not to mention that these perfumes are a bit expensive so choosing ... Read More



My Midi Cloche Skirt

September 24, 2014
One Of the must haves for this Spring-Summer season is the “cloche skirt”. I made this skirt with a weird fabric mixing between satin and tafta, giving it a distinguished shiny and fluffy aspect. It is a mix between cold and warm colors making it match with all kinds of ... Read More


I was chosen by MTV Lebanon to host the biggest event in the region honoring outstanding models from around the world and that is MTV’s World’sNext Top Model 2014.   The preparations for the hosting started with meeting the girls and the jury a few days before the show. Also pacing the ... Read More


I had the honor to be invited to the event of the year: BIAF 2014; which is a unique festival that introduces distinguished personalities and figures that have had a special and unique mark in communities and fields all over the world. I was so excited to be part of such ... Read More


One of my close friends asked me to be her bridesmaid and I said yes! The search for a dress Began. She had a royal wedding so the first thing I thought of was a light Disney inspired dress that reflects magic and romance.... Read More


I named it “L’Africana” because of the tissue that I used. Having lived in Africa for quite some time, I have been fascinated by their traditional printed outfits. Since my family still lives there at the moment, I asked my sister to send me this lovely red and black printed fabric.   This ... Read More


Ever dreamed of designing your own clothes and wearing your own creations? I know I did…. In fact, I grew up sewing Barbie dresses and playing dress up. Most girls, design their prom or wedding gowns, but why wait for occasions to showcase the Creative person in you. We all dream of ... Read More


Today’s outfit consists of a contrast between modern and princess-like look: the long skirt adding fairytale sense and the denim shirt that I found in Roma, Italy making it instantly look modern. ... Read More