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Spring is finally here & I'm in desperate need for some hair inspiration.After flicking though the catwalk looks of Paris Fashion Week, here are some trends for this Spring/Summer Season: Boho waves Let your natural waves shine through by brud hair and leaving to dry naturally. Long tails A simple slicked ponytail is a ... Read More



Hats are back

February 22, 2015
Hats are back & have made their way into everyone’s casual style. With many celebrities favoring fedoras or wide brim, Hat isdefinitely the “it” accessory of the Spring/Summer season. I’m so excited for its return, but why did it disappear for so long?... Read More


Color Blocking has been in for a few seasons now & I like to play with this trend a little in front of the camera I wore this gorgeous Black and white patchwork dress  that is soVersatile as you could wear it as a coat if you layer it over a ... Read More





Over the knee Boots

February 8, 2015
If there is one item this season you shouldsplurge on, that would be a pair of over the knee boots These super sexy boots have been seen from every Fall/Winter fashion week, indifferent structures and colors to the streets of NY, Milan ... Read More



Chanel Hat

February 6, 2015
I couldn’t resist Not Trying this new Chanel Hat !! Hats are the statement piece of the season ,,,, Remaking this Bold look is simple, find the perfect Hat :) keep it all bold black. incorporate a color into the mix is essential by using only a single ... Read More


When will I meet the one? We hear that question so often. All girls would like to know how and where they can find their soolmate.... WELL STOP! Did you ever hear the Buddhist proverbial quote “When the student is ready the master ... Read More


We’ve all went window shopping where we check the storefront windows without the intent of buying, but then we find ourselves in the store. The experts behind these windows use lights, colors, and pick the right items to lure the customers in after conducting very delicate researches , while some ... Read More


Since all fragrance brands are going for a private and exclusive collection especially after the great success of the Tom Ford collection, as a woman I‘m having difficulties in choosing the right perfume for me between them all. Not to mention that these perfumes are a bit expensive so choosing ... Read More



My Midi Cloche Skirt

September 24, 2014
One Of the must haves for this Spring-Summer season is the “cloche skirt”. I made this skirt with a weird fabric mixing between satin and tafta, giving it a distinguished shiny and fluffy aspect. It is a mix between cold and warm colors making it match with all kinds of ... Read More