Sparkle all Day, Every Day

Sparkle all Day, Every Day

I realize it’s not a challenge for some to always leave home perfectly accessorized and all glammed up. But for most ladies, including myself, it’s easy to put together inspired looks some days, but other days, you just throw on a basic Zara shirt and a pair of jeans. Not that there’s anything wrong with a simple appearance but how much more confident would you feel if you took the time to come up with a new style by trying that braid hairstyle you liked or applying that flashy Giambattista Valli Mac lipstick that was just released. Therefore I decided to pile up about seven simple strategies to look radiant from Monday to Sunday.

Mondays always call for a soft hue pink makeup that screams classy and simple. On Monday you have to nail that “no makeup” look by finding the right eye shadow tones with your skin tone and the rest just follows.

For Tuesday, show off your creative and energetic look by adding a bold accessory. A scarf, waist belt, and statement jewelry can completely transform a basic outfit into something amazing. So dig on your closets for that one special item!

Wednesdays are for ponytails .Its mid week already and your hair look like a mess already? Take a cue from Kim Kardashian West or from famous Brazilian makeup guru Camilla Coelho to upgrade your ponytail from a gym up do to a hair to die for. My favorite Ponytail is pumping up the volume at the crown and let a few hairs loose…I love to leave it purposely undone.


Thursdays are all about headpieces. Except for that sparkly tiara, headpieces can be amazingly worn with a casual look, hair up or down.


Friday is all about colors. Wear a radiant shirt or dress and do the rappel with a shiny matching lipstick color.

Match your loud Saturday nights with black or green Smokey eyes. The joy of smoky eye makeup is that it suits everybody. Partner this look with a muted lipstick or gloss such as a matte light pink or beige nude.

Finally, its Sunday; take the time to let your hair and skin breath and relax. Pamper your hair with a natural homemade mask and apply a Meso mask to your face followed by a serum and moisturizer…and Voila you are ready to start the new week….


Goodnight xoxo

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