About Me

I am currently an anchor of Aghani Aghani and my blog is a mirror of my life, my tastes, and my experiences in the world of TV.

I woke up at eleven; I should have been at an important event at ten sharp and the phone wont stop ringing.  I believe I need a maximum of fifteen minutes to get ready, but desolately my hair is a complete mess. If you’ve ever had a bad hair experience, … Read More

The Met Gala is the ultimate fashion runway, Hollywood stars and models compete to stand out on the red carpet. The boring, the catastrophic and the adventurous, lets take a look on the most extravagant looks of the night….

 … Read More

I have clear skin so I don’t need too much coverage or touch ups, but when I do photoshoots and shoot my daily show on TV

I love having a great foundation to give me a fresh silky look. Here is a review … Read More

It’s officially April and slowly we are heading towards the summer. The days are getting longer and the nights are getting warmer. It’s time to spice up your wardrobe. A great way to do this is by incorporating a pair of geometric print pants…. Read More

Must-have Eyeliners

Spring is in the air & a flirty makeup is impossible without a cat-eye. Let me roll out my cosmetic bag for you & review my favorite eyeliners as not all eyeliners were born equal. I prefer my liner intense, long lasting, and perfect.

Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen… Read More

Recently I got addicted to the fruit infused water as a part of my spring detox routine. I like to start my mornings with a glass of this magical fluid to kill the appetite & boost metabolism. This water is both delicious & healthy & you could easily make it … Read More

Spring is finally here & I’m in desperate need for some hair inspiration.After flicking though the catwalk looks of Paris Fashion Week, here are some trends for this Spring/Summer Season:

Boho waves
Let your natural waves shine through by brud hair and leaving to dry naturally.

Long tails
A simple slicked ponytail is a … Read More

Ladies, it’s time to get comfortable. Roll up those jeans and get your feet into this spring style.
Praise The Lord & the hot new trend of high tops!
The iconic shoe has hit the runways & streets this Spring with many fashionistas who have slipped into a pair or two over … Read More

Hats are back & have made their way into everyone’s casual style. With many celebrities favoring fedoras or wide brim, Hat isdefinitely the “it” accessory of the Spring/Summer season.

I’m so excited for its return, but why did it disappear for so long?… Read More

Color Blocking has been in for a few seasons now & I like to play with this trend a little in front of the camera

I wore this gorgeous Black and white patchwork dress  that is soVersatile as you could wear it as a coat if you layer it over a … Read More

As I try to balance my Hectic schedule at work, I demand from any make up product to be a part of my skin care routine as well. Being exposed to camera lights 24/7 I desperately need a silicon-free product that reduces the oxidation & retains the moisture of my … Read More